Medical Marijuana Can Treat Alzheimer’s

During this time marijuana has a pretty bad reputation, especially in health problems. The use of marijuana in an inappropriate and careless manner can indeed cause many health problems. Suppose addiction, brain damage related to memory, or anxiety. A research even discovered that the risk of heart attack improved within an hour after someone smoked marijuana.

Doctor hand holding dry medical cannabis on table close up

Even so, it feels unfair to see marijuana based only on the bad effects it causes. Marijuana also has a good side and can be used in terms of health if used properly. As you can get by visiting the website of licensed producers canada. One that you can overcome using medical marijuana is Alzheimer’s. Based on research by the Scripps Research Institute, marijuana is known to slow Alzheimer’s disease that attacks the brain. This result has also been published in the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics.

In addition, based on a study at Virginia University, they found that cannabis could be used to stop epileptic. Even so, this research has only been carried out on animals and has not been tested on humans.