How To Order Weed Online in Canada

Any discussion of the possibility of being able to order weed online in Canada will have to start with advising you to hold your horses. October 17th is less than 2 months away, but it’s not quite here yet and so you will have to wait a short time before enjoying mail order marijuana in Canada. Once legalization takes place, most people will have a whole host of questions about how to buy it online.

The first will likely be what will pricing be like when weighing the convenience of having it delivered to your door with any shipping charges versus making a trip to your local dispensary. Others will have concerns about the consistency of quality with the product when unable to evaluate it for yourself in person. Others still will want to know if it must be mailed to a residential address, or if it can be sent to a P.O. box or other arrangement.

While it’s technically been illegal, ordering marijuana online in Canada and having it shipped to Canadian customers regularly has been going on for years now. Granted that has been medical cannabis sent from legally authorized providers to customers who’ve provided their ACMPR card to prove they have been prescribed medicinal marijuana by a physician. In 2016, 33,000 kg of marijuana was shipped to 168,000 patients across the country last year, making it clear that no small number of people are in the know about how to buy medical cannabis online.

What is the landscape going to look like when it comes to your ability to order weed online later this year, and what sort of tips might we have to help you be an informed consumer? Read on.

Order Weed Online – Legalities

One of the first things consumers looking to order mail order marijuana in Canada will need to be aware of is the fact that it seems likely that the regulatory bodies in each Province are going to make it so that you can only order it online within your own Province. This hasn’t been confirmed, but it is a safe assumption to make given the fact that every Province is eagerly looking forward to tax revenues generated from the sale of recreational cannabis in Canada.

Next up are age restrictions that will limit people able to order weed online to those 18 years of age or older. With this in mind it is very important to understand that all Provinces in Canada will be enacting legislation that makes it illegal to provide marijuana to anyone under that age, the same way they have penalties for buying alcohol for anyone under the age of 19. While the federal stipulation will be 18 years old, it is reported that most provinces will make it 19 the same way it is for legal purchase and consumption of alcohol.

In addition, Canada Post will require proof of age upon delivery and will not leave a package at a residence unless someone is there to receive it. This eliminates the possibility of being able to order weed online and have it delivered to a post office box or a residence that is different from that of the ordering customer.

Those looking for exceptionally good deals on mail order marijuana in Canada may be disappointed to learn that the Federal Government will be setting a minimum price, and individuals in the know have stated that this will be in the vicinity of $10 a gram. Of course, you should be prepared to pay more than that if you want better quality strains.

What to Look For in an Online Cannabis Provider

The basics guidelines for ordering marijuana online in Canada are fairly straightforward and what you’d likely expect to hear for the most part:

  • Choose a site that is trustworthy, and determine this by reading online reviews and – after October – any standing that they have with the Better Business Bureau in your Province.
  • Give your business to a site that has been in operation for some time, which will indicate that it is operating in full compliance with medicinal or recreational marijuana regulations.
  • Make sure that the site is guarded by some type of SSL certificate or other type of encryption software that will ensure any sensitive information (most notably credit card information) doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Most websites will advertise their being secure this way with an icon located at the foot of their homepages, typically reading as either 128-bit (good) or 256-bit (better) SSL encryption for ‘secure online transactions’ or something like that.

Most retailers will have some type of customer support system, so another tip to confirm the fact they’re reputable and committed to customer satisfaction is to ask a question of them. Try to make it the type of question that would come from an informed consumer; their ability to answer this type of question will confirm they are sufficiently knowledgeable about their product they’re selling and that will equate to a greater likelihood of you receiving a quality product when you order weed online.

You’re now more knowledgeable about how to buy medical cannabis, or recreational cannabis in Canada following October of this year.