THC Vape Oil Uses

Vaporizers have become very commonplace for marijuana smokers these days. A big part of their popularity is in the way they remove actual smoking from the equation. That’s not to suggest that there aren’t health risks that come with vaping. However, those risks are drastically less concerning than those that come with inhaling smoke into your lungs. There are different types of vaporizers, with ones designed more specifically for vaping dry herb and others better suited for enjoying THC vape oil.

Fans of THC vape oil will champion the product by saying the concentrated strength of a marijuana vape liquid offers a faster point-A to point-B means of getting high. That’s true for both those using cannabis recreationally and those using it medicinally. Filling a vape pen with THC vape oil is pretty straightforward. Most people find that a vial of the stuff lasts them a good long time provided they’re consuming most of it themselves.

What might be surprising to some is that THC vape oil can be applied and consumed by different means too. Let’s have a look at those today. It’s good to be in the know regarding every way you can make good use of condensed THC oil.

Vape It

Not surprising that the most common way to consume THC vape oil is to ‘vape’ it in a vaporizer. As mentioned above, there are many different kinds of vaporizers but some are better than others for THC concentrates. Vape pens lead the pack here, although there are some higher-end (and thus more expensive) convection vaporizers with ceramic heating elements. These ones get hot enough to make them suitable for either dry herb OR concentrates.

Typically they will come with a glass jar that fits into the convection chamber. This allows you to enjoy THC vape oil without making a big sticky mess in there. The majority of vape pens will be exclusively compatible with THC oil cartridges. Some will use disposable cartridges only, while others will be compatible with both disposable and refillable cartridges.

Enjoying marijuana vape liquid with these devices is definitely recommended, and for two reasons primarily; first, you’ll experience a more intense high that onsets nearly immediately and comes with less of the ‘burn out’ that comes with smoking cannabis in a joint or a pipe. Second, it’s the most efficient means of consuming THC juice as you really don’t need to take more than one or two draws to get the response you’re after.

Dab It

Dabbing is a whole new frontier when it comes to smoking cannabis oil. All you need to do is watch someone having a dab to agree that it’s a radical departure from pretty much every other way of smoking pot. Dabbing THC vape oil is popular with users who like to get maximum results from minimal inhalation.

Dabbing involves heating up a metal nail head with a blowtorch, and then using a heat-resistant material (titanium is best) rod to place the THC oil on the screaming-hot head and inhale the resulting vapour that will be produced. It’s not a ‘relaxed’ way of enjoying cannabis in the same way puffing on a joint or drawing on a vape is. For people who like going from 0 to 10 in one big toke, however, it can’t be beat.

However, it needs to be said here that dabbing is NOT the way to introduce someone who is new to cannabis to the pleasures of the plant. Dabs are for experienced users only, and for good reason.

Purchasing Prerogatives

Even veteran smokers looking to switch from smoking to vaping may need info on where to buy THC oil for e cig. Now that cannabis legalization in Canada is in place, you have a host of options for ordering these products online. Plus, retail store options will become more plentiful in the near future.

It’s smart to be an informed buyer of THC products in the same way it is for any consumer product. Try to determine that the product you are buying is:

  • Organic in nature and 100% pesticide-free
  • Created with the purest extraction processes (CO2 ideally, rather than via butane or polyglycol)

And for the vaporizers themselves, (we’ll skip discussing dab rigs today – which are nearly all made from glass) make sure they’re made from the highest quality materials. Foremost with this precaution is to avoid vapes that have any type of plastic component that is exposed to the heating element OR the pathway the vapour travels.

The old maxim ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to vapes like it does pretty much any product. Spending more on your vaporizers means you’ll receive a quality-made product that doesn’t include any components that might be degraded by the heat and release harmful toxins.

We can expect to see much more in the way of choices with THC vape oil in the future. Choice is always a good thing.